We deserve legislators who make government work for all of us, who roll up their sleeves and get things done.  

America is built on the wisdom of collaboration, negotiation and compromise.  The hard work of governance yields positive outcomes when these tools of democracy are put into action.

When elected officials vow not to budge on an issue, without regard to the voices of the people they serve, they are unwilling to do their job. Democracy is meant to serve the common good.  There is no room for partisan bickering, which wastes resources and taxpayer dollars.

I am committed to the full representation of all the people in Pennsylvania’s 92nd Legislative District.   

As your Representative I will:

  • Remain loyal to the needs of the people, declining pressure from special interest groups
  • Balance the concerns of my constituency so I faithfully represent the 92nd District
  • Listen to all issues and viewpoints on legislative arguments from all concerned
  • Refuse legislative pay and encourage members of the General Assembly to do the same in times of budgetary impasse