I am committed to the safety and structural integrity of our rural roads, bridges and highways.   

Pennsylvania is a major thoroughfare for trucking and shipping from the Midwest to the East Coast corridor, bringing jobs and increased business to our towns and cities.  With more cars on the roads and increased trucking traffic with higher speed limits, we must keep our existing roadway system in good health.  

To complement a healthy highway system and accommodate increased commuter traffic, our rural roads must be kept up to date with proper signaling and upkeep.  As many of our rural roads are regulated by PennDOT, I will make it my mission to guarantee that small municipalities have easier access to state agencies and government funds to support maintenance of our rural roads and bridges.

Harrisburg is uniquely accessible to major East Coast cities through railway and airplane travel. Fortifying and renovating our existing railway and airport infrastructure will bring needed jobs to our district and increase our mobility to major cities for business and recreational activities. Let’s make Harrisburg a destination, bringing tourism and revenue to our towns and communities.

A  well maintained infrastructure is an absolute necessity and will bring jobs and economic growth.

As your Representative I will:

  • Secure funds for maintenance of local and state roads, meeting with town supervisors and municipalities to assess logistics and feasibility of operations in rural areas
  • Write legislation to fast-track funds to communities with the greatest need of infrastructure improvements due to frequency of accidents
  • Champion efforts to make Harrisburg a transportation hub by advocating airline expansion to Harrisburg airport and improving passenger railway, creating jobs