We all deserve to live in a safe and healthy society. It is important that all people – ┬áregardless of income, age or ability – have clear and comprehensive access to vital healthcare options and services.

The rate of accidental death due to opioid abuse and dependence has risen to epidemic proportions in our district. It is essential that we recognize the immensity of this public health crisis and become active in finding a solution, saving lives. There is no portion of society that is unaffected – we must act decisively. The time is now to make sure those addicted to drugs and alcohol have ready access to rehabilitation services and follow-up support. The health of our communities depends on it.

It is critically important to ensure that the elderly have the resources they need to stay well and productive, regardless of financial status or family resources. As the number of retirees in our district continues to grow, I will be your advocate for increased access to vital healthcare services for the elderly. I will make certain that medical institutions are equipped and properly trained to treat elderly patients for physical ailments and mental health issues that are specific to their needs.

Access to vital healthcare is essential for economic productivity and community wellbeing.

As your Representative I will:

  • Step-up outreach in cooperation with local agencies and law enforcement to combat opioid abuse and dependency
  • Require health insurance companies to provide sufficient coverage for services for addicts seeking emergency medications, detox, counseling and rehab support
  • Evaluate programs that provide eldercare support to ensure accessibility, effective resources and proper training of personnel
  • Write legislation requiring those entering medical professions to be educated in the nature of substance abuse and elder care support; and to set protocols in place for ready access to emergency and ┬árecovery services at Pennsylvania hospitals