We must ensure that our children are afforded the highest quality of education.  Without a strong public school option for our youth, our communities suffer consequences beyond the classroom.

In rural communities with lower population density and a strained tax base, our schools bear the brunt of a dysfunctional system of uneven distribution of funds.  In hard economic times, the result may be curriculum consolidation, elimination of vital services and threat of school closures.  We must support the qualified and talented teachers who are dedicated to our students. We need to foster an educational environment on the college level that attracts dedicated, high-quality candidates to teaching, by restoring to the profession the respect that is due.

We face a crisis of overzealous and costly standardized testing requirements.  “Teaching to the test” discourages the art of teaching, and stifles curious learning. It is time to give parents an active role in their children’s education and bring communities together in support of revitalizing our local schools.  

I will stand in the fight to restore high level education in the classroom.

As your Representative I will:

  • Champion legislation that ensures fair funding allotments to school districts, and vocational and technology programs in an equitable and comprehensive manner
  • Conduct round table discussions with parents, teachers, administrators and students  to maintain clear and continual feedback on the chief concerns facing our public schools
  • Increase teacher recruitment and job security, with emphasis on competitive compensation to attract talent and interest in education employment
  • Promote assessment and review of current standardized testing requirements; evaluate incurred costs to school districts in order to gauge the value and necessity of such tests