We must protect and preserve our precious farmland.  We have our hands on some of the most fertile farmland in the country.  The productivity of this land must be safeguarded in order to guarantee that future generations will remain stewards of this irreplaceable asset.

We need to keep farming traditions alive and well in Pennsylvania. Innovative approaches in agriculture and new farm business developments are on the forefront.  A focus on fortifying soil health, diversifying crops and livestock, and connecting with the community through Community Supported Agriculture programs, affords growers a renewed playing field to exercise their options and increase their freedom in expanding markets.   

Agricultural research and emerging farming technologies are on the cutting edge, kindling an interest in our youth toward careers in farming through university and vocational high school programs. Honoring the wisdom of traditional farming methods, welcoming fresh ideas and preserving tax relief programs for agricultural land such as the Clean & Green Act will benefit our farms and strengthen our communities.

Together let’s create a solid vision for resilient small scale and family-run farms in Pennsylvania.

As your Representative I will:

  • Fight to preserve the Clean & Green Act and other agricultural protection programs
  • Create tax relief legislation for innovative agribusiness ventures and start-ups
  • Create anti-sprawl measures by curtailing aggressive development, incentivizing developers to create housing communities that work harmoniously with the agricultural systems, employing green technology, beautification measures and business opportunities for local farmers
  • Restore funding streams for our agricultural research programs at the university level and vocational high school programs in order to attract future farmers who will lead the next generation
  • Support legislation to permit the growth of industrial hemp to strengthen Pennsylvania agriculture, increase profits and improve soil health