Agriculture is one of our greatest assets in Pennsylvania, and particularly in Cumberland County.

As your Cumberland County Commissioner, Kate McGraw will focus on:



Preserving our prime farmland and majestic open spaces:

Kate is committed to seeking fair funding for Cumberland County’s farmland preservation program, so our farmland preservation program can grow as our County grows.


Raising travel safety standards across Cumberland County:

Kate will work in concert with community stakeholders, environmental groups, and state and federal agencies to ensure that our infrastructure is healthy and safe in Cumberland County.


Promoting anti-sprawl measures that will curb aggressive development:

Our communities must grow in harmony with our landscape and farming culture. It is vital to promote the preservation of our historic buildings to maintain the character and charm of our historic villages, boroughs and townships.


Ensuring health & human services:

Populations including the elderly, our communities’ children and those suffering from opioid addiction must be afforded the services that they need. Our county has worked hard to curb needless suffering from the opioid addiction crisis and Kate is committed to continuing the good work done by our board.



Advocating for bipartisan leadership practices:

The beauty of county government is that it serves the vital needs of our communities, and there is no time for partisan bickering or needless gridlock. Working together brings positive results.


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