One of the greatest rewards for running for political office are the genuine and lasting connections made with voters and the greater community. It’s a humbling and invigorating experience, and I recommend that more people become candidates in our local elections. I want to thank Donald Travis for making this election a real contest and classic display of democracy. Having met so many excellent residents and local candidates on the campaign trail brings me great joy, and makes me proud to call Cumberland County my home.

It goes without saying that I am disappointed in the outcome of this primary race, which is a display of how much insider party politics and money plays a role in our local elections. We need to open our primaries in Pennsylvania to allow Independent candidates and voters a legitimate opportunity to participate in our electoral process. Cumberland County missed another good opportunity.

I look forward to focusing my energies toward the Cumberland County’s Agricultural Land Preservation Board’s mission to save our farmland. Congratulations to the nominees. I am excited to support Jean Foschi on her journey to becoming our next Democratic Cumberland County Commissioner.

#savePAfarmland #ccpa