Dear voters of Cumberland County,

As we edge closer to primary day, and with the hard work of donors and volunteers in full swing, my absence of late from a number of important events may have been noted. The time has come to address the reason.

In July 2018 I suffered a concussion from which I have been experiencing various sequelae. On occasion I am subject to migraine headaches due to the aggravation of symptoms at this time in my healing. I appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience while I look after my health, and I look forward to returning full-steam to the campaign with the enthusiasm and passion that I started with.

Many wonderful people have supported and continue to support my campaign. From collecting signatures, to attending events, hosting parties and sending donations, I have received the kind of support that humbles me. I am grateful for the dedication of my campaign team, who have been resolute in their commitment and loyal to the greater good of this campaign—to save our farmland and keep Cumberland County a charming, healthy and enjoyable place to live and raise our families.

Rest assured that experiencing concussion sequelae will not impede my ability to serve Cumberland County. Please cast a vote for me to be your next County Commissioner on May 21st. I look forward to serving the community that I love.

Warmest Regards and Many Thanks,

Kate McGraw