Kate McGraw

My name is Kate McGraw, Independent candidate for State Representative in the 92nd District. I have bold ideas to make our district thrive: preserving our farmland, boosting our public schools, better access to vital healthcare services, and infrastructure improvements to support local business. Many voters agree that these issues require our attention. I’ve been asked how I plan to fund these initiatives. Here are some of my plans:

Making Pennsylvania business friendly is essential for a thriving economy.  We currently have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the country at 9.99%. If we lowered the corporate tax rate to between 6.9% – 7.8%, we will attract new businesses, bringing high quality employment opportunities.  We also need to close the Delaware Tax Loophole that allows Pennsylvania corporations to file through Delaware, skirting taxes and depleting our revenue streams. I believe companies that operate in Pennsylvania should pay tax in Pennsylvania.  

As someone who comes from a family of farmers, I am committed to protecting our farmland and preserving our agricultural economy. I believe Pennsylvania can offer a new frontier in farming, by bridging the wisdom of the past with new farming technologies and innovations. Young people are interested in farming as a way of life, and we need to create a hospitable environment for future farmers. With advancements in wireless technology, farmers can more easily work from home and participate in thriving niche markets. By bolstering programs like the Clean & Green tax relief program, we can continue to protect farmers from unfair taxation while protecting our land.

We need to raise our standards for what is acceptable in Harrisburg. Cast your vote for Kate McGraw Independent on November 8th, to bring a representative to Harrisburg who will bring business-friendly common sense, and fresh ideas to the table.

Kate McGraw, Independent Candidate for the 92nd District