A message from Kate:

Thank you supporters for making my first campaign fundraiser an overwhelming success! Not only did we raise $1500, we did it at record breaking speed. I have you all to thank for your belief in this campaign, and continued support.

Running for public office comes with a pretty big price tag, and unfortunately, this aspect to running for office can deter some of the best and brightest talent. To keep the momentum going and to draw more people to my campaign, we have decided to raise our fundraising goal to $3000. I think we can do this!

Your contributions to my campaign are sending the message that we want smart, passionate and committed people to have a fair shake at running for public office – regardless of their financial status or placement by a political party.

As an Independent candidate with no major party affiliation, the financial burden is even greater, as most candidates have the financial support of their respective parties. My campaign is about focusing on the concerns of the people I represent, not the concerns of a particular party or well-funded special interest group.

Please share my campaign with anyone who believes that running for public office should be more accessible to those who are better suited for the job, and not just shoe-ins or party placeholders. The more money I can raise, the more people I will be able to reach out to in the 92nd District.

Thank you for your continued support. Onward!

Kate McGraw